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Cedar Springs Farm & Dairy LLC

A small family owned farm that values sustainability, nurturing the land, preserving the old ways & growing our own food

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Lotion Bar Twist Tubes


3 different lotion sticks here for those needing a little more moisture in these dryer winter months.

* HoneyBee lotion bar is a simple all over thick lotion bar similar to the Vanilla Rose but with a Honey essential/fragrance in place of the Vanilla Rose. This neutral scented bar is a favorite to soothe cracked, chapped skin.

*Sleepy Feet lotion bar is infused with wild honeysuckle grown around the farm and completed with organic shea butter, local beeswax and lavender and patchouli essentials with a honeysuckle fragrance/essential blend. A wonderful bar to rub on your feet before tucking yourself in for the night. 

*Vanilla Rose is an all over thick lotion bar chocked full of creamy avocado butter, avocado oil and organic shea butter. It has a calming Rose compound and a soft vanilla fragrance.

All twist tubes are 2 plus ounces each and preservative free. 

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