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Great Pyrenees Guardians

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 LITTER 10-3-14


This litter makes 3 generations on our farm - for adoption information you can email us at cedarspringsfarm@live.com

On the pups 2nd week birthday, we tragically lost our Willa Bee. Her journey became ours as we finished bottle feeding and raising her 5 little precious angels. When the pups reached 9 wks of age, 3 of the sisters went on to other homes and farms while Wren J & Timber will remain home with us. We miss our sweet Willa Bee every single day but are so thankful we can still see her in the eyes of her pups and feel her presence daily. What an incredible journey it is to love a dog. Willa Bee will remain always close in our hearts.

At this time we will have no further Pyr litters planned here on the farm.


Timber, 3 months old & 55 lbs, a big mama's boy!

My sweet Wren J at 6 weeks

the entire guardian gang at 6 1/2 weeks



Livestock Guardian Rescue

Our love for the Great Pyrenees breed has brought several adults into our lives this last year. All of which have been rehabilitated if needed, guardian livestock trained, given medical care, grooming, all are spayed/neutered and have been adopted out. If you're interested in an adult trained Guardian, please email our farm at cedarspringsfarm@live.com


Hanna, a Pyrenees mix, rescued from the Prince Edward County Animal Shelter. 

You can read more about Hanna on my blog:

Hanna's Story

Hanna, 2 weeks into Livestock Guardian training.



April 2014 - Getting to know Boone, my new project guardian

Great Pyrenees Sandwich - Willa Bee & Boone

Boone & I's last photo together - taking him to his new owner in Blackstone VA


Jan 2015 - New boys on the farm!

Pax & Blue - both rescued from a stray life of not being wanted to a great new life of being a vital part of a family - where they will no longer be left behind.

Pax an older Great Pyrenees mix put on over 20lbs and was rehabilitated and adopted out in just 6 weeks. Blue is a young full Great Pyrenees and is slowly but surely making progress in becoming a trusted livestock guardian dog just like Pax. He has gained over 30lbs since coming to our farm and has come completely out of his shell. Blue LOVES to eat and will be adoptable once he is sound in the field, to an approved, loving and forever farm home. 






Sired by Scout & Reina

Flynn is a fierce protector of the farm and all that call it home.


 Reina & Flynn - Mom & Son


Willa Bee


Willa Bee coming home to her new farm - April 2013

Willa Bee 5 months old

 Willa Bee's 1st Birthday - she & Reina celebrate with some goat cheese cupcakes.

 Willa Bee hanging out with her rams - Spring 2014


Scout & Reina's last litter 1-25-13


Born 1-25-13

2 males & 3 females (all pups have been adopted)



Reina & Scout's Pups


Pups at 4 1/2 wks

Hanging out with the hens


..no place like home 

I belong to the Martin Family 

Flynn - I belong to Holly & Megan and will call this farm my forever home.

2 favorite puppy pastimes...nap & chow time!



8 males/1 female - all badger marked beauties born on 11-9-11


 9 beautiful badger marked pups born 1 day early Jan. 27, 2011. Mama and pups are doing beautifully!



REINA as a Pup:





My soul sister.

 Reina watches over Spring lambs - 2014



Scout & Kosa our wonderful Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, Working Livestock Guardians and Companions! These were our first guardians that started a legacy of love and devotion for the breed. Both have passed over the rainbow bridge now but will forever be in our hearts. 

  Handsome Scout